“Everybody is a book of blood; wherever we’re opened, we’re red.”
―Books of Blood: Volumes One to Three


The Underdark: A festering labyrinth of chaos and evil. A carnival of terror and corruption. Each crack and cavern contains a cruelty of unique implement. Feast your eyes on the Carrion-Crawler. The Salt Claw. The Spectator’s Silvers. The Moonpearls. The Mangler-piece.

Into these wicked roads, find a small band of low-lifes and louts, bent to carve out for themselves what power and wealth they can from the wreckage.

Is it so strange then, that the many Demon Princes, rulers of all wrecked things, may have their ambitions pointed to this place?

Is it any wonder then, that as each hour passes, the menace of Madness, has begins to grip more tightly the minds of mortals?

Such is the Heart of Madness

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