Such is the Heart of Madness

Departing Gracklstaugh Part 1

DeepKingHrogar.jpgWhen last we left our conniving adventurers, they were seeking an audience with the Deepking of Gracklstaugh to turn over Droki of the Grey Ghosts.

As they approach, Valantarr pulls Erythedine aside and questions the logic of handing Droki over to the Duergar. “Droki told us that he heard our dwarven companion plotting with Themberchaud. If we turn him over, we’d be implicated.” Erythedine smiles a lazy smile, “Oh you have so much to learn my surface friend.” He quietly lays out his plan to turn the dwarf over to the king.

As the party enters for their audience with the king, Dagnal strides up and dumps her entire pack, Droki included, onto the floor of the chamber. “OW! Wha’d ja do that for?” yelps Droki, as Dagnal kicks him sprawling toward some of the guards. “Deepking Horgar, we have brought you Droki of the Grey Ghosts to do with as you will,” Valantarr declares as he bows to the king. “We also bring dire news, good king. Themberchaud knows about your city’s plan to kill him and the egg that is to be his replacement.”
“By the forges!” the Deepking swears. “How did this happen?!”
“This dwarf told Themberchaud, your Highness.” Erythedine answers pointing to Berengar.
Berengar stands shocked for a moment before turning and running for an apparently unguarded side door. He is quickly tackled and manacled by two members of the king’s guard that appear between him and the door.
“The derro, Droki, can confirm that he heard the conversation.” Erythedine continued.
“Very well, we shall confirm this and have the slave executed for his crimes. See to it,” the king waves away the guards holding the two prisoners. Once they have departed, the king turns back to the trio and states, “I have a task for you. Since you know about the dragon egg, I will ask you to track it down. It was stolen by one of the Keepers of the Flame, those tending Themberchaud and my Soulblades have had no luck finding it within the city. Will you do this?”
“Of course, your Highness,” Valantarr and Erythedine answer. “Sure, why not?” Dagnal retorts.
“Then go and speak with the captain of the Soulblades for what they have managed to uncover.” the king dismisses them.

As Valantarr and Erythedine leave, Dagnal says, “A moment, me king.”
A deep sigh. “Very well, Dagnal. What is it?”
“I’d like to be yer representative to these drow. Seeing as I’ve been yer loyal subject in rootin’ out that succubus and capturin’ a leadin’ member o’ the Grey Ghosts.”
“Will that get you to leave and go track down the dragon egg?” the king groans.
“Aye, me king.”
“Very well then, be gone!”

Passing through the entryway before the audience chamber, Erythedine and Valantarr pass the drow priestess, Ilvara d’Mizzrym. As she strides in for her audience with the king. Valantarr gives Ilvara a long appreciative stare as she glares at the ibilith. Erythedine pushes him ahead and whispers, “You and I need to have another talk about the unfairer sex.”


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