Such is the Heart of Madness

As the alarms sounded, a volley of darts launches from the openings, followed by a charge of a troop of kobolds to blunt the groups weapons of their prey. First one, then another of the summoned barbarians disappears in a puff of magical energy. The kobolds quickly fall, cut down by barbarians, skeletons, and the prey. The clumsy drow rushes forward to Ghecx only to be frustrated by the wizard blinking in and out of this plane and stepping back into the wall. The ibilith and the orc rush forward to fight the closest warriors, my consort among them. He will cut them down as the trash that they are. Or I will raise him and turn him into a driver that he might better serve Lloth. I have Asha cast webs into their midst as my wizards dispel more of the magical humans and throw lightning into their midst. The ibilith is held in the webbing while that upstart fucking Duskryn casts silence on Asha and I. I will see that traitor strung up in the dungeons to have his entrails pulled out an inch at a time, piled on the floor and put back in dirty. I move forward to try to escape the spell area only to have that orc that made such a wonderful slave comes for me again. Where is Shoor? That worthless male has not kept the prey busy. As I survey the scene, the remaining warriors have the dwarf and the demon spawn under control, the mage in the eastern tunnel begins a summoning chant to bring in a creature from the abyss it sounds like, the other wizard floating above is not moving, presumably held by some magic, and the other warriors still have not subdued our prey. The duskryn wretch is shooting at the our casters, the ibilith is standing blade to blade against Shoor!? At last they begin to fall! The dwarf falls under the blades of one of the warriors from our house, and the tiefling falls to another. Form the line, I shout. The warriors move to inter pose themselves between myself and the our prey while Asha casts healing magic and I bring my whip down on the Duskryn whelp. He collapses as well while the shadow demon charges from the tunnel to strike at the orc and the ibilith. The remaining magical humans grab the dwarf(?) and carry him away while one stands against my warriors.
Shoor is dead? That worthless male. I will not let Asha raise him for being so useless. I will have to find a new cons-aaargh! Those damn wizards! Where are they against these two casters? Oh. One is dead. That damn Duskryn’s work. At least I will have his corpse to bring back to house Mizzrym to question.
Now the orc comes for me again. My warriors will stop the creature. I will heal and deal with these casters and that will be it… The Duskryn moves?! Ow. Oh. A trick. That creature has led me to my death. He was able to find the wretches. I have no doubt he will again. What skin will he wear next? Who will he find to aid him? I care not. May Lloth take my mother and my sisters for sending me to that damned tournament. The warriors fall. One wizard fled. Would that I could find him and flay his skin. Would that I could darken the light of that sword. Would that I could fight these magics feeding into my body. Forcing it to move. To serve. To bow and scrape. Before a filthy human. How dare…


embarn03 embarn03

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