Erythedine Duskryn

A young noble drow with too many siblings...



House Duskryn

Ninth House of Menzoberranzan

House Duskryn has a reputation for savage cruelty for nothing other than the perverse amusement of the nobles. Arising from the ashes of the War of Conquest some 3,000 years ago, the house has trained some of the best armies in all of Menzoberranzan. Advancement in this house is rewarded for performance, not noble ranking. The house’s most famous victories include destroying the entire Duergar city of Kolsh Hargunen and the destruction of an Illithid conclave that had enslaved the Drow House Melarn of Ched Nasad.
Matron Mother Bern’th Duskryn is widely considered one of the most sadistic Matron Mothers in Menzoberranzan. She routinely holds lavish parties where the main entertainment is torture and sadism. 1000’s of unfavored drow or captured slaves have been killed for her amusement. One of her favorite games is to see how much of their body she can remove while still keeping them alive.

Known Notables within the House of Duskren

• Bern’th Duskryn (Matron Mother)
• Gurina Duksryn (First Daughter and a Mistress at Tier Breche)
• X’ainabet Duskryn (2nd Daughter)
• Laele Duskryn (5th Daughter – Deceased)
• Jarxeain Duskryn (House High Mage)
• N’kael Duskryn (Daughter of Laele Duskryn)
• Kyorlin Duskryn (former Husband of Laele Duskryn)
• Tathzyn Duskryn (Son of Gurina Duskryn and student at Tier Breche)
• K’eirnon Duskryn (Son of Laele Duskryn)
• Nymvyr Duskryn (Son of Laele Duskryn)

Known Allies to the House of Duskren

• None Known

Known Rivals to the House of Duskren

• None Known



Erythedine Duskryn

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