Jimjar (Dead)

Obsessed gambler, will bet about anything. At least he used to...


Svirfneblin from Blingdenstone, a city recovering from a drow attack that wiped it out years ago after the denizens of Blingdenstone supported Mithral Hall against a drow incursion.

Jimjar accompanied the first wave expedition to reclaim the city of Blingdenstone and has stories about the travails of the journey, which end in him becoming lost and captured by the drow and shipped off to work in Velkynvelve.

During the adventure in the Oozing Temple, after scooping loot from the fountain into his bag of holding, Jimjar was confronted by Valantar about his activities. In the ensuing discussion, Jimjar was foolish enough to bet Ront couldn’t pin Valantar, which enraged the orc. Ront rushed forward, axes out, and laid into Jimjar. Once rendered unconscious, Ront lifted the svirfneblin by the head and bashed in his skull and ate some of his brains.

Jimjar (Dead)

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