Valantar Telein

Male, half-elf of drow descent, 30 years old, black eyes, lighter gray skin, silver hair


Oathbreaker Paladin LE/E/N


Valantar Telein

Born of the union of a drow father (unknown) and human female (Abby Telein), Valantar never knew his sire. He was raised in Tantras by his mother. It was a hard living, eking out a squalid living in an uncaring city. Seeking a better life for her son, Abby met with a corrupt ranking member of the Order of the Golden Lion named Eresatos and obtained entry for her son as an acolyte at age 18. The price was her body, then and onwards. Now in the brotherhood, Valantar was trained as a Paladin of Torm. Righteousness, honesty, loyalty and truth were their pursuits. Having come from a destitute background, having no noble title, and marked by his abnormal skin and hair, Valantar was ever treated as an outsider. The three strikes against him made him feel out of place. Any opportunity to make coin he took. He was greedy, no doubt. Coins nobles dropped he took up. And what was the harm in taking a misplaced purse here and there? To them it was nothing. To Valantar it was everything. Valantar was caught and censured for this indiscretion. In battle he fought without the refined culture of a noble boy, and was much disdained by the more noble acolytes for his brutal style.

Marked ever as an outcast by his skin and hair, Valantar knew not the brotherhood of paladins, only a growing resentment. His dreams came to be filled not with Torm, but with another. A dark mistress whispered to him. It told him to go one night to the chambers of Paladin Eresatos. Visions of a black disc. He went, to find Eresatos violating his mother. Consumed with rage Valantar attacked, injuring Eresatos. His oaths forsaken.

In the melee his mother was killed. In the chaos it was not certain who killed her. Then Eresatos slipped on the blood. He yielded, kneeling before Valantar, unarmed and defenseless. Valantar would have none of it and slew him brutally. The halls began to fill with students, some of whom burst in and witnessed the foul deed. Valantar fled, barely escaping. In the town the next day he found that he had been found guilty of two murders, theft, and been excommunicated from the order from the wanted poster. The inquisitors pursued him relentlessly. For weeks Valantar fled from wilderness to tower to village and dale, but always they came. He stole from the weak, lost himself, and did other terrible things.p. In fitful sleep the dark mistress returned to his tortured dreams and it was then he learned of a path to his safety. Not across, but down. Deep into the Underdark from whence his father came.

With the mistress’ guidance Valantar found his way to the underdark. Praising the mistress who brought him to his safety he found that his guidance had come from Shar, mistress of night. The goddess of darkness and the caverns of Faerûn. And Shar had plans for her new servant.

In the Underdark, Valantar received a brutal education in the harshness of life. After eking out a life for months he was injured in a fight with a shadowy beast. In his injured state he was easy pickings for the band of drow slavers that took for a slave. During the slave caravan’s ventures a hook horror came upon them. In the fight Valantar distinguished himself by throttling the beast with his manacles. This caught the eye of one of the drow, Erythedine Duskryn, a noble, with his own designs. Erythedine decided to use his connections and his ally Ranaghar Vil’Velkyn to secure Valantar’s freedom. Owing a debt, and realizing the need for allies, Valantar decides to join them.

Valantar Telein

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