Such is the Heart of Madness

Demogorgon Rises!
It's only running for your life if you die

As the escapees from Velkynvelve reached Sloopbludop, they were confronted by a band of Kuo-toa searching for sacrifices to the Deep Father. The Kuo-toa recognized Shuushar and demanded that the heretic be sacrificed to the Deep Father at which point Godric brought all of his powers and political acumen to bear in convincing the lead monitor of the Kuo-toa that the group had brought Shuushar for exactly that purpose and that as a heretic, he would be a sufficient offering by himself. Convinced and ready to return to the city, the Kuo-toa began to turn away when Valantar said, “I thought you worshiped the Sea Mother?” The Kuo-toa monitor declared him a heretic and demanded him as a sacrifice as well. Valatar objected. And drew his blades to make the point. Alas, diplomacy has failed…

After dispatching the Kuo-toa with aplomb, Erythedine and Jimjar decided to sneak into Sloopbludop on reconnaissance to avoid further blunders. Meanwhile, the remainder of the group decided that Kuo-toa, rather than being on the menu, would make a startling fashion choice. Ront, with his skill in preparing creatures for the stew, skinned the poor, dead amphibians, providing Godric with the macabre fabric for his planned disguises. After only a couple hours, Godric had prepared a costume, which for some strange reason known only to the wizard himself, Ghecx volunteered to get into the mess. The party began hearing noises from the corridor they had brought the bodies down. Worried that more Kuo-toa had come to bring sacrifices home, the group prepared to jump the search party…

Erythedine and Jimjar slipped through the net walls of Sloopbludop a good distance from the East Gate of the city where Shuushar greeted the gate keepers and began a discussion about changes in the city since his departure. Ery quickly loses sight of the little gnome and proceeds to sneak his way through the streets. The architecture, the streets, the people themselves all scream alien mindset to him. Walkways connect the building at odd and sometimes steep angles, even going around some buildings to reach others. The buildings are shaped like some sort of coral growth, first leaning this way and then the other. The kuo-toa themselves wander the streets; talking while circling objects or each other, motioning with much of their body, and all appearing somewhat restless. It isn’t until a kuo-toa walks up to Ery and he thinks that he is discovered that he realizes that many of these creatures are asleep! Ery learns as he listens to conversations among the kuo-toa that there are in fact two gods being worshiped in the city, performing a subtle culture war against each other. He learns that the leader of the Sea Mother worshipers and thus far, the city, is Archpriest Plooploopeen, who is currently on a patrol outside the city. Ery returns to the East gate towatch Shuushar & Plooploopeen’s his return…


The Kuo-toa follow the trail of blood that the party neglected to clean up and turn the corner to see the group ready to leap upon them and one lone, sick looking kuo-toa, and the cut-open bodies of several others. The group of creatures (something like a drow, two dwarves, and not those gray ones, a drow, an orc, something reptilian, a very small myconid?!) rushes towards them yelling with their weapons ready. Archpriest Plooploopeen addresses the strangers (how strange they are!) to hold and explain themselves. After some pointless blathering with that strangely accented Mantol (Undercommon in this region) that other races always seem to have, they told the archpriest that they were set upon by the slain group for not showing complete deference to the Deep Father, Leemoogoogon. After assurances that we were in fact followers of the Sea Mother, the strangers agree to accompany the scouting party back to Sloopbludop. While traveling, one of the scouts recognized the sick looking kuo-toa as one that was a devoted follower of Leemoogoogon! Then as he was about to run him through, he shrugged and collapsed, leaving a human standing over the lump of skin!?! What kind of creature would do that?!? The sooner the group gets back to the city, the better…

After arriving, at the gate, clasping hands with Shuushar as they paced, the Archpriest leads the group of strangers to his home in the central clearing, which holds the shrine to the Sea Mother, whereupon the orc, in a surprising display of homage to the Sea Mother places the heads of several drow upon the base of the statue. They will of course have to be removed before any other drow visitors come. Once inside, the archpriest outlines his plan for the adventurers to pose as sacrifices to the up and coming cult of Leemoogoogon, the Deep Father as a sign of his acceptance of the truth of Bloplipod’s faith. The strangers are resistant to this idea until they have asked if the kuo-toa mean to take their weapons and goods. Why that would matter is silly, but these alien creatures always are strange. The next morning, a messenger comes to the home to let the archpriest know that the followers of the Deep Father are preparing to make a sacrifice. The strangers are woken and the archpriest and his followers surround them and lead the way to the altar of the Deep Father, that strange manta ray, octopus construction. After my proclamation, and Bloplipod calling for the sacrifices to be brought forward, the strangers did as agreed and began to fight and attack her and her followers. Once she was struck down…


kuo-toa began to flee from the water which began frothing and smelling of blood. Something else began to come forward rising out of the water…


Something huge and monstrous, which stood 30 feet tall and roared to shake the cavern. The orc, roared back, a pitiful refutation of this monstrosity’s presence. The reptilian, Miles, charged headlong at the creature only to be smashed, grabbed, and hurled at the roof of the cavern, giving off a wet smack on both the impact to the roof and the landing on the dock. Many of those around the vile altar began to claw at their eyes, attack those next to them, run screaming, or rush to fight the creature. These last were struck down by flailing tentacles or tail, picked up and eaten, flattened as Demogorgon proceeded in among the buildings, or ignored. It’s hide so tough that only a single blow from the enraged orc, Ront, managed to draw blood. As people of all races began to flee before the destructive force of this beast, Demogorgon began to simply smash and destroy the surrounding area…


It’s abyssal desire for destruction and death never sated, the creature eventually left back into the Darklake in search of more plentiful slaughter…


Departing Gracklstaugh Part 1

DeepKingHrogar.jpgWhen last we left our conniving adventurers, they were seeking an audience with the Deepking of Gracklstaugh to turn over Droki of the Grey Ghosts.

As they approach, Valantarr pulls Erythedine aside and questions the logic of handing Droki over to the Duergar. “Droki told us that he heard our dwarven companion plotting with Themberchaud. If we turn him over, we’d be implicated.” Erythedine smiles a lazy smile, “Oh you have so much to learn my surface friend.” He quietly lays out his plan to turn the dwarf over to the king.

As the party enters for their audience with the king, Dagnal strides up and dumps her entire pack, Droki included, onto the floor of the chamber. “OW! Wha’d ja do that for?” yelps Droki, as Dagnal kicks him sprawling toward some of the guards. “Deepking Horgar, we have brought you Droki of the Grey Ghosts to do with as you will,” Valantarr declares as he bows to the king. “We also bring dire news, good king. Themberchaud knows about your city’s plan to kill him and the egg that is to be his replacement.”
“By the forges!” the Deepking swears. “How did this happen?!”
“This dwarf told Themberchaud, your Highness.” Erythedine answers pointing to Berengar.
Berengar stands shocked for a moment before turning and running for an apparently unguarded side door. He is quickly tackled and manacled by two members of the king’s guard that appear between him and the door.
“The derro, Droki, can confirm that he heard the conversation.” Erythedine continued.
“Very well, we shall confirm this and have the slave executed for his crimes. See to it,” the king waves away the guards holding the two prisoners. Once they have departed, the king turns back to the trio and states, “I have a task for you. Since you know about the dragon egg, I will ask you to track it down. It was stolen by one of the Keepers of the Flame, those tending Themberchaud and my Soulblades have had no luck finding it within the city. Will you do this?”
“Of course, your Highness,” Valantarr and Erythedine answer. “Sure, why not?” Dagnal retorts.
“Then go and speak with the captain of the Soulblades for what they have managed to uncover.” the king dismisses them.

As Valantarr and Erythedine leave, Dagnal says, “A moment, me king.”
A deep sigh. “Very well, Dagnal. What is it?”
“I’d like to be yer representative to these drow. Seeing as I’ve been yer loyal subject in rootin’ out that succubus and capturin’ a leadin’ member o’ the Grey Ghosts.”
“Will that get you to leave and go track down the dragon egg?” the king groans.
“Aye, me king.”
“Very well then, be gone!”

Passing through the entryway before the audience chamber, Erythedine and Valantarr pass the drow priestess, Ilvara d’Mizzrym. As she strides in for her audience with the king. Valantarr gives Ilvara a long appreciative stare as she glares at the ibilith. Erythedine pushes him ahead and whispers, “You and I need to have another talk about the unfairer sex.”

Adventure: Gracklstugh pt 2 & 3
Pics & Bullets

Days Two & Three

GRACKLSTUGH, the City of Blades


Shattered Spire Inne → Darklake District → Whorlstone Tunnels → Gray Ghosts: Safehouse → Obelisk → Hold of the Deep King

Shattered Spire Inne

  • Erythedine, Bloater, Dagnol, Valantar, and many others at the Shattered Spire awoke in a fit of madness.
  • Ranaghar succumbed to his madness.
  • In a fit of madness, Dagnol killed A and One in their room.
  • Berringar murdered a high-ranking member of a thieve’s guild (the leader?).
  • Erythedine and Dagnol skirmished with a group of kua-toa while in a state of madness.
  • Erythedine, Dagnol, and Berringar discovered demonic graffiti (desecration in the name of Zuggtmoy?) in a room on the second floor.


Darklake District

  • Erythedine and Bloater looked out over the district from the roof and learned the madness was widespread and even claimed Red Themberchaud.
  • Erythedine, Bloater, Valantar, Dagnol, and Berringar, attempted to escape Gracklstugh but the Stone Guards sealed the city.
  • A derro named Droki offered to lead E/Bl/V/D/Be out of the city.


Whorlstone Tunnels

  • Droki led E/Bl/V/D/Be through the “Sounding Room”, a Faerzress-infused area allowing one to listen to conversations around Gracklstugh.
  • E/BL/V/D/Be survived a skirmish with the King of Spiders.
  • Droki led E/Bl/V/D/Be to the den of the Gray Ghosts, a derro organization.

Gray Ghosts: Safehouse

  • Droki introduced E/Bl/V/D/Be to Ulthgar of the Gray Ghosts.
  • E/Bl/V/D/Be learned that the Gray Ghosts were producing alchemical weapons in massive amounts (Coup? Civil war? Uprising?).
  • Ulthgar presented a proposition: eliminate the daemonic influence surrounding the Deep King Horgar by destroying his succubus concubine (to decline this proposition was death).
  • E/Bl/V/D/Be learned of the succubus’ connection to The Dark Prince (Abyssal demon lord, Graz’zt).
  • Rested
  • Ulthgar and Droki introduced E/Bl/V/D/Be to Ghecx and Sylvain.
  • Berringar was incapacitated by another bout of madness so Valantar retrieved the holy blade from Berringar’s pack.


  • Droki led E/Bl/V/D/G/S to an obelisk capable of one-way teleportation.

Hold of the Deep King

  • E/Bl/V/D/G/S was teleported directly to the private quarters of the Deep King’s concubine.
  • E/Bl/V/D/G/S destroyed the succubus.


  • Horgar, the Deep King of the Duergar, acknowledged the efforts of E/V/D/G/S and granted a boon apiece.
  • Boons:

Erythedine – In a series of thoughts communicated from Erry to Horgar, he requested that the Deep King recognize a sort of “favored status” with House Duskryn of Menzoberranzan and that it be known that Erythedine Duskryn was responsible for this new partnership.

Valantar – ???

Dagnol – ???

Sylvain – ???

Ghecx – ???

  • E/Bl/V/D/G/S each received a writ of passage for Gracklstugh, the city of blades.
  • Deep King Horgar required future assistance with burgeoning daemonic occurrences.
  • E/Bl/V/D/G/S learned that communications with Menzoberranzan and Sloobludop had ceased.
  • Erythedine was reunited with Grenefyre.



Recap anyone?

Hey, anybody want to fill me in on what happened last session when I was on vacation?

Strategies to win the tournament

How can we ensure that we are the victors of this tournament? Apparently there’s a guy with a fucking spellblade, and an agile drow priestess. Can we steal the spellblade before the tourney? Anybody stealthy like that? (Valantar is not stealthy).

Adventure: Gracklstugh pt 1
Pics & Bullets

Day One

GRACKLSTUGH, the City of Blades


East Gate Escort → Weapons Check → Dark Lake District → Shattered Spire Inne → The Blade Bazaar → Shattered Spire Inne

East Gate Escort

  • Approached Gracklstugh from the east when Duergar patrols paced us unseen then appeared from thin air escorting us to the east gate without conflict.

Weapons Check

  • Grenfyre was led away.
  • Duergar Captain requested we come back and “tell him how it [tourney] went”.

Dark Lake District

  • A and One scouted one of the gates that separates the Dark Lake district from the others.

Shattered Spire Inne


  • Set up in common room.
  • Ranaghar, Valanar, Dagnal, Erythedine, and Bloater remained at the inne where they tried to ferret out intel on the opposing teams.

The Blade Bazaar

  • Erythedine sampled then purchased a contact poison/antidote for use in the tourney.
  • Began discussions regarding the Jade Widow Trading Company.


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