Days Two and Three - Gracklstugh

Days Two & Three

GRACKLSTUGH, the City of Blades


Shattered Spire Inne → Darklake District → Whorlstone Tunnels → Gray Ghosts: Safehouse → Obelisk → Hold of the Deep King

Shattered Spire Inne

  • Erythedine, Bloater, Dagnol, Valantar, and many others at the Shattered Spire awoke in a fit of madness.
  • Ranaghar succumbed to his madness.
  • In a fit of madness, Dagnol killed A and One in their room.
  • Berringar murdered a high-ranking member of a thieve’s guild (the leader?).
  • Erythedine and Dagnol skirmished with a group of kua-toa while in a state of madness.
  • Erythedine, Dagnol, and Berringar discovered demonic graffiti (desecration in the name of Zuggtmoy?) in a room on the second floor.


Darklake District

  • Erythedine and Bloater looked out over the district from the roof and learned the madness was widespread and even claimed Red Themberchaud.
  • Erythedine, Bloater, Valantar, Dagnol, and Berringar, attempted to escape Gracklstugh but the Stone Guards sealed the city.
  • A derro named Droki offered to lead E/Bl/V/D/Be out of the city.


Whorlstone Tunnels

  • Droki led E/Bl/V/D/Be through the “Sounding Room”, a Faerzress-infused area allowing one to listen to conversations around Gracklstugh.
  • E/BL/V/D/Be survived a skirmish with the King of Spiders.
  • Droki led E/Bl/V/D/Be to the den of the Gray Ghosts, a derro organization.

Gray Ghosts: Safehouse

  • Droki introduced E/Bl/V/D/Be to Ulthgar of the Gray Ghosts.
  • E/Bl/V/D/Be learned that the Gray Ghosts were producing alchemical weapons in massive amounts (Coup? Civil war? Uprising?).
  • Ulthgar presented a proposition: eliminate the daemonic influence surrounding the Deep King Horgar by destroying his succubus concubine (to decline this proposition was death).
  • E/Bl/V/D/Be learned of the succubus’ connection to The Dark Prince (Abyssal demon lord, Graz’zt).
  • Rested
  • Ulthgar and Droki introduced E/Bl/V/D/Be to Ghecx and Sylvain.
  • Berringar was incapacitated by another bout of madness so Valantar retrieved the holy blade from Berringar’s pack.


  • Droki led E/Bl/V/D/G/S to an obelisk capable of one-way teleportation.

Hold of the Deep King

  • E/Bl/V/D/G/S was teleported directly to the private quarters of the Deep King’s concubine.
  • E/Bl/V/D/G/S destroyed the succubus.


  • Horgar, the Deep King of the Duergar, acknowledged the efforts of E/V/D/G/S and granted a boon apiece.
  • Boons:

Erythedine – In a series of thoughts communicated from Erry to Horgar, he requested that the Deep King recognize a sort of “favored status” with House Duskryn of Menzoberranzan and that it be known that Erythedine Duskryn was responsible for this new partnership.

Valantar – Requested Dwarven Plate armor. Referred to well known smith who would craft custom elf-shaped dwarven plate.

Dagnol – Appointed King’s Representative to the Jade Widow Trading Company.

Ghecx – Granted ??? by the King.

  • E/Bl/V/D/G/S each received a writ of passage for Gracklstugh, the city of blades.
  • Deep King Horgar required future assistance with burgeoning demonic occurrences.
  • E/Bl/V/D/G/S learned that communications with Menzoberranzan, Sloobludop, the Myconids (Fluvenilstra?) had ceased.
  • Erythedine was reunited with Grenefyre.



Days Two and Three - Gracklstugh

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